Random Resources

AGI Safety resources

This is a compiled list of the best resources and organisations working on Artificial Intelligence Safety that I’m aware of, with the specific goal of reducing existential risk to humanity. It is likely a non-exhaustive list, so please contact me for suggestions if you feel something is missing.

I helped make it as a resource for participants in the AGI Safety Fundamentals programme, which I help run with Effective Altruism Cambridge. This is a global, interactive programme where participants engage with experts over arguments motivating the field of AI Safety.

Timesheet template – Google sheets
A simple but effective time tracking spreadsheet that I built. I’d recommend trying this to anyone with a self-driven schedule who has any stress about whether they’re spending time on the right stuff.

I filled it out at the end of each day to notice how much time I spent on each of two major projects I was working on. It helped me to realise I was neglecting one, and ultimately made a decision to focus on the other full-time.

I now have a more proactive schedule where I plan my weeks in advance, and condense them down into daily plans that I try to stick to.

Newsletter recommendations

  • Rohin Shah’s Alignment Newsletter – keep up with latest blogs and paper publications in AI alignment. Technical view, but sometimes covers governance advances.
  • Jack Clark’s weekly Artificial Intelligence Roundup – good for keeping up with latest developments in AI. A slight gearing towards people thinking about governance of AI, but covers technical advances for general interest.
  • Chartr – a weekly email displaying 3 stories or other current affairs with data. I appreciate gaining a quick intuition for the scale of phenomena, and remember these much better than words in a news article!

Getting started in Python and Machine learning

  • A guide I wrote with my advice for learning python and machine learning (theory, and practically in python) for the first time.

Other recommendations